Jul 16, 2015

In today's marketplace, data is king. Brands and businesses need to know more about their customers than ever before in order to be able to match their expectations. In addition, the rise of social media and content marketing means that the market is now more crowded, which means that businesses need to place more emphasis on customer retention and loyalty in order to keep up with their rivals. With that mind, here's two ways that your business could be using big data and analytics to improve customer retention.

1. Improve customer relationship management (CRM)

It's no big secret that improving customer relationship management (CRM) is key to retaining your customers - but in today's world of brands, social media, and blogs, businesses are having to do more and more to keep their customers happy. This is where using big data and analytics becomes necessary. By collecting information about your customers' wants and needs, likes and dislikes, and how they like to be interacted with, you can drastically improve the way you manage your relationship with them. Doing so leads to happier customers, which means that you don't lose them to similar brands and businesses. Collating and analysing this kind of information and actioning it in the right way is therefore key to improving customer retention. Think of it this way - you're simply improving your customer service, but in a way that works for the 21st century.

2. Customise offers and promotions

Using big data will also allow your business to customise its offers and promotions for each customer, using information about which of your products and services they have previously purchased. This works to improve customer retention in two ways: first, it makes your customers feel valued, and gives your direct marketing a more personal touch than customers might usually expect. This kind of improved service encourages brand loyalty, and will keep your customers coming back. Secondly, it also means that they are more likely to buy your products, as you can tailor what they see by using what you know about their likes and dislikes. Once you build up this kind of familiarity, you are more likely to retain that customer in the long run.