Jul 13, 2016

As a business, you will always look for ways to be more cost-efficient. Live chat, in this regard, can save your company a lot of money. Installing live chat requires only a one-time fee. You can then maintain the software in-house cheaply if you like. Your business will not have to spend money for live chat centres like call centres. Live chat only needs a small team to handle customer queries. Therefore, the most cost-efficient customer support solution for your business is live chat.

Beat the Competition

Businesses that provide live chat support have a significant market advantage over businesses that do not. Market research shows that businesses prefer live chat over other types of customer support, namely e-mail and phone calls. If a business offers this feature, then customers immediately trust that business to provide support. Therefore, customers are attracted to businesses with live chat. If a competitor to your company currently offers live chat support, your business will need to immediately adopt or lose.

Increase Traffic to Your Website

As mentioned before, customers trust companies that offer live chat support. Customers are more likely to visit sites that they like. When a website is credible in this manner, search engine algorithms rank it higher. Therefore, use live chat to boost customer confidence in your business, and to increase traffic to your homepage.

Collect User Data for Marketing

Support representatives that engage with customers via live chat have access to metadata and user data such as browsing history. This data may not amount to much, but is highly useful for learning about buyer behaviour and preferences. Your marketing team will greatly benefit from such data and make advertising efforts more effective.

Keep Disputes from Turning Nasty

Angering customers is not good for businesses. Frustrated clients can complain about your company to authorities, sue your business or ruin good ratings. It’s very easy to send even the most mild-mannered customer into a rage with customer care by phone or e-mail. Live chat, on the other hand, comes with high customer satisfaction ratings. Live chat is speedy and effective enough to keep customer complaints from snowballing into class action lawsuits.

As you can read above, there are many advantages to installing live chat software. Research and surveys have proven that live chat is the best tool to engage with customers and resolve possible complaints. Live chat has a lot to offer your company, and you should not hesitate to invest in it.