Jul 08, 2016

Live chat has many benefits. On the business side, live chat is highly cost-efficient in terms of installation and maintenance. Of course, the benefits of live chat go beyond that. Read below to find out some of the main perks of improving support convenience for customers via live chat.

Higher Customer Satisfaction Numbers

Live chat generates surprisingly high customer satisfaction statistics. Market research data shows as much as 90 percent customer satisfaction rate with live chat in comparison to other customer support tools. Historically, customer satisfaction for phone support has been notoriously low. Phone support remains to be one of the most disliked customer care solutions among consumers. E-mail is not faring much better. Customer satisfaction ratings are tepid when it comes to e-mail. However, live chat is upending a long trend where customers never liked the support companies offered.

Improved Customer Confidence in Your Business

Live chat also has a way of instilling confidence in a business. Live chat has sky-high satisfaction ratings as mentioned before, but that’s only after an inquiry has been filed. Marketers have shown that live chat can make a customer trust a business even without making an inquiry. The presence of a chat box can reassure a customer that help is available when needed. This leads to a preference for businesses with live chat support, more than for businesses without live chat.

Increased Conversion Rates

Businesses report amazing conversion rates after installing live chat software. Most businesses expect a doubling of conversion rates following live chat support. Conservatively speaking, a medium-sized business can expect a boost to conversion rates by about 20 percent following installation of live chat software. How is this possible? Live chat can provide solutions to questions about products instantly, just as the customer is viewing the product. When a possible distrust of a product is solved speedily like this, the customer is more likely to make a purchase.

Less Repetition of Queries and Follow-Up Questions

Live chat is also highly efficient. Customers get answers fast and on time. Misunderstandings can also be solved quicker with live chat. People can communicate easily with instant messaging without the confusion vocal conversations can bring. Therefore, live chat has proven to be far more effective for offering customers solutions. Businesses with live chat report far fewer recurrent queries after installing live chat software.

Boost Social Media Interaction

Live chat also supports social media integration. For businesses, this means customers can easily be attracted to engage with the business on social media channels as well. This feature certainly makes social media marketing much easier.
The above benefits of live chat support save both time and money. Customers are also highly satisfied, and they are more likely to become long-term clients.