Jul 25, 2016

Saving money should be a priority for any business that seeks to be efficient in providing services. You can reduce a lot of your operational costs with regards to providing customer support by installing live chat software. Live chat offers fast responses to customer queries and boosts customer confidence in a business. Read ahead to find out how your business can save a bucket-load of money by installing a live chat feature.

Quick and Cheap Set Up

Live chat software is simple, fast and highly affordable to set up. Consider the alternatives for comparison. How much money does it take to set up a call centre? A lot, obviously. Live chat does not require any such expenses. You only have to purchase the software from a third-party developer and install once. No monthly recurring fees are involved. The software can be occasionally updated if needed for a small fee. Some developers do security upgrades for free. That’s a lot of money you can save from the get-go.

Low Maintenance Costs

Live chat does not involve complex maintenance costs. It’s all online, so you do not need a live chat operator, like a phone operator, on site. As mentioned before, you will only have to pay for an upgrade after installation. Upgraded only occur once every two or three years, so it won’t be a sky-high cost.

Offer Efficient Services

The biggest perk of live chat is that it’s efficient. Your live chat reps will be able to provide solutions to customer queries instantly. The faster a customer gets his or her query solved, the more likely that customer will make a purchase. Live chat can answer questions customers have regarding products on the spot during a browsing session. This level of speedy assurance drives online sales.

Reduce Recurring Queries

When customers get speedy answers to a question, they are less likely to call back seeking answers. Live chat works fast, so possible misunderstandings can be solved on the spot as well. Live chat is known to be effective the first time round, and it incurs far less follow-up questions than e-mail or phone support.

Concurrent Chats

A single live chat employee can manage several different live chat sessions at once. This is a marked improvement from traditional phone or e-mail support. The possibility of concurrent chats will also keep your live chat team down to a minimum, saving your labour costs.

Automate Features to Save Time

As they say, time is money. The more time your live chat employees save when replying to queries, the more money your business will save. Your employees can automate features of live chat to provide even faster services. For example, some answers to frequently asked questions can be written in advance to send messages sooner.
As live chat is efficient to use, speedy and can be used concurrently, you will save a lot of money by installing this software.