Jul 19, 2016

All online businesses have to spend a lot of time and effort to improve conversion rates. There are no tools that your business should overlook when it comes to boosting conversion rates and sales. While you can use CRO tactics to drive up sales, there’s another neat feature that you should employ in your efforts. Live chat, surprisingly enough, is proving to be a great feature to make customers return to a website.

Live chat has to be installed separately onto a website using a third-party program. Doing so is very cheap in comparison to having call or e-mail support. That’s the main reason many businesses resort to live chat. However, live chat may also have other benefits beyond affordability and efficiency. Read ahead to find out how live chat can bring you new customers.

Trust is Key

Despite the attention a flashy advertisement can gain your business, ultimately it’s trust that matters when it comes to selling a product. Customers want to buy from companies that they can entrust their credit card information to. Considering the number of online businesses available today, gaining customer trust is becoming harder each day. This is where live chat can help your business.

An overwhelming majority of customers prefer businesses that provide live chat support. Seeing a live chat window indicates to customers that help is available whenever they need it. Also, live chat is a gateway to reaching a company representative. So, a company with live chat is not a nameless, faceless entity to customers. These reasons make businesses with live chat support seem more trustworthy to customers. When customers find a company credible, they are more inclined to make a purchase. Therefore, companies with live chat support tend to have higher conversion rates than those that do not offer this feature.

Improved In-Store Experience

Live chat is proven to improve in-store experience for customers. Most consumers may delay a purchase if they have a question regarding a product. Now, a consumer may send an e-mail inquiry or call a business with a question. However, both these options require the consumer to spend time and effort making the query. Also, replies don’t come soon by phone or e-mail. So, a customer may delay a purchase and most likely not go through with it later. If your site has live chat support, it can immediately provide answers to a customer query. Customers can ask questions while browsing without stopping the activity. When a customer gets instant assurances regarding a product, he or she will most likely purchase that product.

Leg Up Over the Competition

If you have live chat, you will be in an advantageous position compared to the competition. For trust reasons mentioned above, people flock to retailers with live chat. So, even if your main rivals offer better deals than you, your company can increase sales regardless with live chat.

Live chat can improve your conversion rate by as much as 20 percent depending on your industry. So, don’t hesitate to install live chat software without delay.