Jul 21, 2016

All businesses have to struggle with providing answers to customer queries. If your enterprise is a growing business, then the number of customer queries and complaints will only rise as your company gets bigger. Therefore, finding a solution to addressing customer queries in a speedy and timely manner is a priority for many businesses.

Traditionally, customer queries were received over the phone. Following rising internet penetration rates, businesses also began to offer customer support via e-mail. Today, there’s another method for providing customer support—live chat.

Live chat is simply a tool your company can install on the main website or online store. Most companies are adopting live chat as an effective method for answering customer queries. In fact, live chat is gradually gaining recognition as the best method to provide customer support. Let’s look at some of the reasons why this is so.

Live Chat is Easy to Use

Live chat is surprisingly easy to use and requires little input on the side of the customer. With e-mail, and even with phone calls, customers are supposed to remember numbers and addresses. Live chat can be accessed with just a click. It’s also available right from the website, so customers do not have to go elsewhere for help.

Live Chat Provides Support Instantly

Live chat support is instantaneous. Customers can receive support simply by sending a text online. They do not have to wait for long for a representative to get in touch. Better yet, no one has to be put on hold. Customers love immediate support, and live chat will make them much less angry if they are contacting support to complain.

Live Chat is Convenient

Live chat is easy to use for customers, and it’s convenient for customer reps as well. First of all, trainees don’t have to bother with learning about office phone systems. Reps won’t have to waste time checking inboxes full of spam mail. A support employee can answer queries in real time with just the keyboard. Also, because everything is typed, there is less room for misunderstandings due to accent, phrasing and other problems associated with voice support.

Live Chat is Cheap to Implement

Live chat software is surprisingly cheap compared to all the benefits they provide. It’s far cheaper to adopt than voice customer support. Your company won’t have to set up call centres for live chat. Also, you can save labour costs, because a single employee can handle multiple live chat sessions. This is not possible with phone and e-mail customer support.

All in all, live chat increases customer satisfaction. Unlike with phone conversations or drawn-out e-mail replies, live chat has little room for frustration. It’s fast and simple, so all parties can be satisfied with how a text conversation was carried out. Therefore, seriously consider adopting live chat to improve sales and ratings for your business.