Nov 11, 2015

When you are running an eCommerce business, it is easy to forget that the people buying your product are individuals. One of the most important things about marketing is targeting the right people. This applies when designing your site,choosing your products, putting marketing campaigns in place, deciding on special offers - the list goes on. So how do you target the right people if you run your business online? Here are a few simple steps that you can take.

1. Analyse your data

Without analysing your data, selling online is effectively guesswork. You need to know who is clicking onto your site and where they are coming from. Then you need to know which of those clicks are converting into sales.

2. Analyse your customers

When you know where people come from and what they do when they get to your site, you can organise them into groups.For example, people who are clicking onto your site but leaving straight away might form the first group. Next, you might have the people who are having a good look around the site but not making a purchase. Then you get those who make small value or infrequent purchases. Then the final group are your ideal customers. They go to your site regularly and purchase from you. They probably engage with you on social media and they are your best marketing tool.

3. Treat each group differently

You should view these groups as the rungs on a ladder. You are looking to move each group onto the next rung. You should aim to get those people who leave immediately to stay longer. For those who look around but don’t purchase,aim to get them to move into the next group and buy something small and so on. Landing pages can be really helpful in this process. But the real focus should be on your ideal customers.

4. Use your company champions

Let’s face it, for all the advertising in the world, if you are looking for a new product or company, you are most likely to use one that your friend recommends. So use these ideal customers to recommend you to people. Give them better treatment, and surprise them with little extras. But best of all, get to know them so that you can target people like them. Which websites are they coming from? Engage with them on social media to find out what they like,where they live and what they love about your product. Really get to know them - after all, your business depends on them and finding more people like them.