Jul 12, 2016

If you run an online business, you may wonder what the big deal about live chat is. It seems that every company from a run-of-the-mill online shoe store to Facebook is depending on live chat for providing customer support. The Live chat software business is booming, too, as a result. Indeed, live chat has emerged as the choice solution for taking care of customer queries in a timely manner. Read ahead to find out some of the reasons why live chat is the go-to customer care tool of 2016.

Overwhelming Number of Customers Love It

According to a consumer trend study conducted by ATG Global, as much as 90 percent of customers find live chat extremely helpful. Customers find live chat is easier to engage with than phone or e-mail customer support. Phoning customer care has a historically bad reputation. Customers don’t like being put on hold, and they don’t like pushing buttons to reach a representative either. Most companies ask customers to press buttons a number of times to get connected, which can be frustrating. Live chat is not hard to use in this way. Customers simply have to send an instant message, which can be done as soon as a question pops into their heads.

Live Chat Bolsters Business Reputation

Business reputation depends on customer satisfaction. Customer support plays a major role in keeping clients happy and satisfied. Because customers prefer live chat support, as explained before, they love companies that offer this feature. Market research has found that the simple act of having a live chat button on a website can bolster confidence in the business. When live chat is available as an option, customers know they can get help immediately as needed. That is an important feature for trusting a business.

On-the-Spot Solutions

Both e-mail and phone queries require a long time to process. With e-mail, a customer and sales rep can end up sending messages back and forth for weeks before a solution is found. Similarly with phone support, a customer might have to call several times and several representatives before a final solution is reached. The immediately availability of live chat eliminates such obstacles. Getting customer support via live chat is as easy as typing in a question. A sales rep can answer right away.

Live Chat Software is Affordable

Providing customer support is an added cost for many businesses. While big businesses can spend millions on maintaining call centers, small businesses might have depend on inadequate e-mail or online query customer support. However, live chat software is cheap, and is priced in the affordable range for companies both big and small.
Plus, live chat requires little backend support. For all these reasons, live chat has become the choice customer support solution this year that your company, too, can benefit from.