Spend less time doing manual work.

Boost your customer interaction and lead generation with our easy-to-use automation triggers and responses, setting your customer engagement on autopilot.

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Engage customers with advanced automation tools.

Grab attention with targeted messages

Create prompts to engage visitors to increase lead generation and customer interaction.

A range of tools to automate responses

Set up rules and workflows to reply to messages in seconds and rescue your team from repetitive tasks.

A natural way to build your contact database

Discover how easy it is to grow your contact database with automated email capture.

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Prompt visitors to take action at the right time

Create targeted messages that encourage visitors to interact with your website, increasing engagement and lead generation.

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Automate conversations with workflows

Set up automated workflows to respond to messages and save your team time and effort. From simple flows for custom actions or guided conversations to shape the customer experience.

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Time-saving, no-code convenience

Our no-code editor makes it easy to drag and drop your way to automated workflows and responses. Designed to be fast and intuitive, you can create and edit workflows in seconds.

Engage and convert with precision.

Discover the efficiency of targeted automation, from prompt triggers to intelligent responses, all in a user-friendly format.

User behavior triggers.

Set triggers based on user actions to deliver timely, relevant messages that enhance engagement.

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Email capture automation.

Automatically collect emails during conversations, expanding your contact database effortlessly.

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Custom response flows.

Design personalized response flows that guide visitors through a tailored engagement process.

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Discover more features to help you automate your customer engagement.

Free your team from repetitive tasks and focus on what matters most, your customers.

Prompt triggers

Create prompts to engage visitors to increase lead generation and customer interaction.

Guided conversations

Menu-based conversations that guide visitors through a tailored engagement process.

Keywords and rules

Start workflows based on keywords or rules to respond to messages and save your team time and effort.

Engage AI

Use our AI assistant to answer common questions and provide helpful information.

Page targeting

Change behavior based on the page the visitor is on, allowing you to tailor your messages to the content.

Automate agent actions

Workflows can be used to trigger agent actions, such resolving conversations or adding data to the contact profile.

Explore more of our platform.

Fuse IM is a complete customer communication platform that helps you connect with your customers in a whole new way.

Customer Data

Keep your customer data all in one place so the whole team can stay up to date.

AI Chatbot

Conversation AI chatbot that answers questions based on your own data.

Knowledge Base

Power your own knowledge base to enable your customers to find answers to their questions.

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Automation FAQ

Targeted messages are automated messages that are sent to visitors based on certain criteria. For example, the current page, the amount of time since the page was loaded, a click on a specific element, or the intent to exit the page. Targeted messages can be used to engage visitors, setting up a conversation that they can respond to.

On a marketing website or landing page, targeted messages should be used to prompt your product or service with messages relevant to the page content. With Fuse IM, you can set up many targeted messages on the same page and our software will automatically rotate them. On a support website, targeted messages should be used more sparingly to avoid interrupting the user experience.

No, email capture is enabled by default. Email capture is timed to be part of the conversation flow and will only be shown to visitors who have not yet provided their email address.

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