Engage customers with targeted messages and automation.

Set lead generation and customer satisfaction to autopilot with easy to build triggers and automated responses.

Grab attention with Prompt Triggers

Improve your lead generation with prompt triggers that appear when a visitor performs specific actions on your website. Triggers display messages that are relevant to the visitor's actions, such as when they enter a page, after a certain amount of time, click a link or when they are about to leave your site.

Simple yet powerful

Prompt Triggers are simple to set up and use, but they are also powerful. Create a trigger in seconds and start engaging with your visitors.

Encourage visitors to initiate a conversation

Send a message to your visitors at the right time as they browse your website, with your message appearing right in view.

Make life easy for visitors with quick reply buttons

Adding quick replies to your messages allows your visitors to respond with a single click. This makes it easy for them to respond to your messages and start a conversation.

Quick replies can be hooked up to Bot Answers, allowing you to create even more powerful interactions that can guide your visitors through bespoke workflows.

Instant replies with automated responses

Fuse IM's platform offers a range of automated responses that can be used to respond to your visitors. From our auto-responders that can be created in seconds to our chatbots that use your own content to answer questions automatically, you have a range to options to choose from.

Collect emails and grow your database

Every new conversation is an opportunity to grow your contact database. That's why we've made it easy to collect emails automatically with email prompting right in the flow of the conversation.

Frequently asked questions

Targeted messages are automated messages that are sent to visitors based on certain criteria. For example, the current page, the amount of time since the page was loaded, a click on a specific element, or the intent to exit the page. Targeted messages can be used to engage visitors, setting up a conversation that they can respond to.

On a marketing website or landing page, targeted messages should be used to prompt your product or service with messages relevant to the page content. With Fuse IM, you can set up many targeted messages on the same page and our software will automatically rotate them. On a support website, targeted messages should be used more sparingly to avoid interrupting the user experience.

No, email capture is enabled by default. Email capture is timed to be part of the conversation flow and will only be shown to visitors who have not yet provided their email address.

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