Faster answers for customers, fewer questions for your support team.

Deliver help content to customers faster and scale your support with integrated knowledge base.

Always online help, even when you're not

81% of customers try to find answers on their own before contacting support.

We look after the details so that you can empower your customers to find answers, tips and important information instantly before they ever start a conversation.

Self-service help provides those answers with a knowledge base that's always online and available 24/7.

Answer questions before they become problems

60% of customers say they prefer to try a self-service digital channel first.

Create a single source of truth with all of your help content in one place for customers to find answers reliably when they need to.

Access to help everywhere

Knowedge Base is integrated into our messenger, and powers your help center site on a domain of you choice. Customers can search for help in-app from any page of your website, and from messenger at any time.

Answer questions in-chat, automatically

Our AI Assistant can automatically answer questions from your knowledge base in chat within seconds, without any human intervention. There's no need to train the AI, it just works. You can even start with just one article and for every new article you add, the AI Assistant gets smarter.

Publish help content like a pro

Create help articles

Use our simple editor for effortless writing, with images and embeds to create engaging articles. The editor offers a smooth writing experience that anyone can use. No technical knowledge required.

Serve a global audience

Easily add multiple languages to each article for a multi-lingual.

Make it your own

Match your brand by customizing the colors, domain and more.

Frequently asked questions

A Knowledge Base is a collection of articles that provide help and information for customers. It is typically organized into categories making it easy for customers to find what they need quickly and easily. It can also be used as a self-service tool for customers to find answers on their own without having to contact support.

A Help Center is a dedicated website that provides a way for customers to find answers in your Knowledge Base. Our Help Center is also integrated into our business messenger, so customers can search for help in-app from any page of your website.

Live chat provides customers with an immediate response to their questions or concerns. It is a convenient and efficient way to get help without having to leave the website. It can also improve customer satisfaction by providing a personalized experience.

Research shows that customers prefer to solve problems on their own before contacting support. An always online knowledge base allows customers to find answers to their questions at any time, even when your support team is not available.

Fuse IM's Knowledge Base is built into our messenger interface with a dedicated tab for customers to search for help, so your help content is availble on every page of your website and help center site. Our Messenger encourages customers to search for help on various prompts in the chat interface.

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