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Instant resolutions for happier customers.

Leverage AI technology to offer instant, automated customer responses, reducing support load and improving overall satisfaction.

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Enhance customer engagement with an AI Chatbot.

Respond to customers before they leave

Handle messages at scale and first responses in seconds with full conversational AI.

An AI chatbot you can trust

Answer questions from your own content and jump in to conversations when you need to.

No Training Required

The AI Assistant works out of the box, no need to design paths, train a model or write any code.

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Handle 50% of conversations automatically

Chat is an extremely efficient way to handle customer support, but it can also come with higher expectations for response times that add additional pressure to your team.

Our AI Assistant can reply instantly, 24/7 and is capable of natural language conversation with your customers using the latest language models and AI technology.

Most importantly, it requires no setup or training and works out of the box.

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An AI chatbot you can trust

Our hybrid AI system combines sophisticated language models with state-of-the-art GPT technology to efficiently process messages and generate business-relevant responses tailored to your needs.

As we continue to develop our AI system, we look to ensure built-in safeguards, security, and continuous improvements to provide reliable and cutting-edge conversational bots.

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It works on your own content, no training required

Accurate answers are generated using the articles in your Knowledge Base and any pages imported from your website with the AI working behind the scenes for you.

As your support content gets better over time, so does the AI Assistant.

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Bot Answers for the most important questions

Enrich your chatbot with Bot Answers, a workflow tool in Fuse IM that allows you to do more with your AI Assistant. It's simpler than other chatbot builders, but capable of performing complex tasks and actions. The best of both worlds for busy teams.

Use our no-code builder to create you own custom workflows. Choose your triggers, compose a sequence of messages and buttons and add actions to perform tasks like updating a user's profile, resolving a conversation or interact with other services.

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Humans and AI work best together

Every conversation with the AI Assistant appears in your Inbox, so you can easily monitor messages and jump in when you need to.

Your chatbot is truly yours, and how you use your chatbot is up to you. You can use it to handle every conversation or just the ones that remain unread. When combined with our other automation features, you can create a powerful system that can handle or triage most of your conversations automatically.

Answer questions automatically.

Provide instant responses generated from your own support content - no training required. Need more power? Use our visual builder to create custom workflows.

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Conversational AI for natural interactions

An AI that can hold a conversation and answers questions on your own support content.

Control AI chatbot timing

Choose when the AI chatbot should respond to your customers, and when it should hand off to a human.

Build workflows for anything else.

Use our visual builder to create custom workflows for anything else you can think of.

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Discover more features for your AI chatbot

Get more done with our AI chatbot and other features that help you provide better customer support.

Human-like conversations

Our AI Assistant can hold a conversation with your customers for the smoothest possible experience.

Your own content

The AI uses your own content to generate answers, so you can be sure it's accurate and up to date.

Seemlessly integrated

The AI handles conversations in the same way as your team, so customers have a positive experience.

Instant or delayed responses

Set the AI to respond instantly or with a delay, so you can choose a chatbot or human approach.

Zero setup or training

AI that works out of the box, so customers can start getting answers right away.

Custom answers with workflows

Use our visual builder to create custom workflows for anything else you can think of.

Explore more of our platform.

Fuse is a complete customer communication platform that helps you connect with your customers in a whole new way.

Shared Inbox

All of your communiation in one place. No more switching between apps to get work done.

Knowledge Base

Power your own knowledge base to enable your customers to find answers to their questions.


A powerful website messenger that allows you to create your own experience.

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Chatbot FAQ

Depending on your settings, the chatbot can trigger on every new conversation, after 60 seconds if the conversation has not had any response, or if one of your own Bot Answers match the incoming message.

No setup is required, the AI chatbot is enabled ready to use straight away. Although it won't provide any answers until you have added or imported content. There is no training required either, as your content is processed and analysed by our AI engine to understand the context and meaning of your content.

The hybrid AI uses a combination of language models to determine what type of request the customer is making, the content and context that's specific to your business, and finally a generative step that uses GPT technology to respond. We believe this approach provides a balance between control and flexiblity.

Using our Bot Answers feature, you can build workflows that perform specific tasks or actions, that are triggered matching questions, keywords or specific pages. You can also direct between workflows to create reusable answers.

Our philosophy is that the platform provides a complete experience for customer support, with AI tools to assist operators in their work. Although, if you want to offer a fully automated experience that's fully supported as well.

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