Introducing Fuse IM for Live Chat

If you're running a business online, on your own or in a team, you'll likely be handling enquiries and customer support over email, social media, multiple forms over multiple sources. That's a lot of messages from a lot of sources. Read More

Jul 17, 2020

Live Chat Helps Keep You Connected To Your Online Clients

Your website, whether it is an e commerce site or one that simply provides information about a certain topic, you want and need interaction between your staff and the visitors you have. A comment section is one thing, however, it is not the same as making a phone or email contacts available. The... Read More

Mar 28, 2017

The Benefits Of Live Chat Customer Service

Customer service is available in a myriad of platforms. This includes traditional over the phone services with live operators or automated prompts. With the advent of modern technologies, however, live chat has become a preferred method of customer service and fulfilment across the world. From... Read More

Mar 21, 2017

Live Chat Becomes More And More Popular Every Day

No matter what type of website you have, one of the best things to have is a system that allows you to interact with your readers. There are various ways to accomplish this. You could offer a customer service phone number and or an email contact form. The phone call system gets expensive as the... Read More

Mar 14, 2017

Why Live Chat Keeps You Connected With Real People

On most modern websites there is contact information. These will take the form of email forms or a simple email address so the visitor can contact them with questions. Some of them will offer a phone number for a live conversation. The email form can take many hours or a whole day or two to... Read More

Mar 07, 2017

Live Chat For Customers And Clients

Professional customer service is crucial for any new or existing commercial entity. In fact, these services are imperative in establishing brand awareness and visibility as well. While many companies still utilise traditional over the phone customer service platforms, live chat is increasingly... Read More

Mar 02, 2017

The Right Way to Customise Your Website's Live Chat

Live chat is a great tool for offering fast, reliable and convenient customer support straight from your website. Live chat is far more effective than traditional e-mail and phone customer support. It can even increase your site’s conversion rate. However, the many benefits of live chat are only... Read More

Jul 28, 2016

Here is Why Live Chat is Better Than an FAQ Page

Businesses, especially the online ones, employ a number of ways to provide customer support. There are two main ways customers can get support immediately: live chat and FAQ pages. Both aim to answer customer queries on the spot without delay. However, both of these tools do not work the same.... Read More

Jul 27, 2016

How to Save Money Through a Live Chat Software Installation

Saving money should be a priority for any business that seeks to be efficient in providing services. You can reduce a lot of your operational costs with regards to providing customer support by installing live chat software. Live chat offers fast responses to customer queries and boosts customer... Read More

Jul 25, 2016

Reasons Why Live Chat is the Best Way to Solve Customer Queries

All businesses have to struggle with providing answers to customer queries. If your enterprise is a growing business, then the number of customer queries and complaints will only rise as your company gets bigger. Therefore, finding a solution to addressing customer queries in a speedy and timely... Read More

Jul 21, 2016

Live Chat—The Ideal Way to Deal with a Multi-Lingual Customer Base

Businesses that sell products and services across borders have to deal with providing customer support in multiple languages. This is an expensive and nail-biting question when providing seamless customer care. Traditional ways of providing multilingual customer support, phone and email have been... Read More

Jul 20, 2016

This is How Live Chat Leads to Increased Conversions

All online businesses have to spend a lot of time and effort to improve conversion rates. There are no tools that your business should overlook when it comes to boosting conversion rates and sales. While you can use CRO tactics to drive up sales, there’s another neat feature that you should employ... Read More

Jul 19, 2016

Live Chat—The Proactive Outreach Method to Discover Customer Pain Points

A customer pain point is simply marketing jargon for problems customers face. Selling products hinges on the logic that if a customer has a problem with the product or services your business offers, he or she is not going to make a purchase. Until the solution is found to this pain point, that... Read More

Jul 14, 2016

Reasons Why Live Chat is the Fastest Problem Resolution Strategy of 2016

If you run an online business, you may wonder what the big deal about live chat is. It seems that every company from a run-of-the-mill online shoe store to Facebook is depending on live chat for providing customer support. The Live chat software business is booming, too, as a result. Indeed, live... Read More

Jul 12, 2016

Benefits of Enhancing Customer Convenience Through Live Chat

Live chat has many benefits. On the business side, live chat is highly cost-efficient in terms of installation and maintenance. Of course, the benefits of live chat go beyond that. Read below to find out some of the main perks of improving support convenience for customers via live chat. Read More

Jul 08, 2016

Live Chat - The Perfect Customer Support Solution For Your Online Business

Customer support is an extremely important tool for any online business. It’s about as important as having a website. There are a number of ways online businesses can offer customers assistance when a problem arises. Some websites take the traditional route and provide a phone number for customers... Read More

Jul 05, 2016

Who is your ideal customer?

When you are running an eCommerce business, it is easy to forget that the people buying your product are individuals. One of the most important things about marketing is targeting the right people. This applies when designing your site,choosing your products, putting marketing campaigns in place,... Read More

Nov 11, 2015

Five customer retention strategies for small businesses

Start-ups and small businesses really have to focus on customer retention, as smaller companies have a smaller client base and holding on to that is simply essential. Your customers can be some of your most powerful sales advocates, too, especially if your budget doesn't allow for a major... Read More

Nov 04, 2015

Recover those abandoned cart sales

Abandoned carts are a common phenomenon in the eCommerce world. In fact, it's generally recognised that between 50 and 75% of carts are abandoned before the final sale. A simple follow-up email is sometimes all it takes to recover sales and up to 30% of potential buyers can be tempted back. Read More

Oct 28, 2015